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More than 33 organizations and agencies have come together to address our forest health crisis through a 20-Year Forest Health Strategic Plan. This plan, grounded in science, sets a bold goal of restoring 1.25 million acres of forest to healthy conditions, increasing fire resilience and better protecting our communities. This ambitious scale of forest restoration is unprecedented in our state.

The state's future Wildland Fire Strategic Plan will provides a blueprint for effective wildland fire protection in Washington and inform associated policy and resource decisions. The plan is the next phase in an overall strategy to fundamentally change the future trajectory of wildland fire in Washington. It follows the recent roll-out of the state’s 20-Year Forest Health Strategic Plan, which establishes a framework to systematically treat broad forest landscapes to improve forest health and reduce the risk of uncharacteristic wildfires. The plan is also anchored in the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management and shares its focus on resilient landscapes, fire-adapted communities, and safe, effective wildfire response. Additionally, the plan will focus on wildfire prevention, reducing human-caused ignitions, and post-fire recovery.

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