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Defensible space is the most critical piece of living in a fire environment for a property owner, like Kittitas County and even across the Western United States. Kittitas County Conservation District offers free home assessments and site visits - they will even check your work after you have done the work. 


Washington's forests east side of the Cascade Mountains are adapted to low intensity frequent fire. After a hundred years, of excluding wildfire from the forests, it is in dire need of treatment. Small Forest Landowners, whether its an acre or one hundred acres, forests need management and intervention to mimic those natural processes. 

Washington State DNR Foresters are available to help you free of charge look for opportunities to treat and enhance your property, making it more resilient to wildfires, bugs and disease, plus the critters like managed forests too!


Washington State DNR offers a cost-share fuels reduction grant program that provides financial incentives to help eligible non-federal forest landowners implement practices to improve the health of their forests and reduce the risk of damage from threats like wildfire and insect and pests.

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